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General advices for a beautiful lawn:

Our special advices for spring can be found here

General advices for a beautiful lawn:


  • Regular mowing is the most important measure for lawn care (at least one cut per week on average, possibly more often in spring and less in summer).
  • Principle: Shorten no more than 1/3 of the total length. If it is not possible to mow for a long time, you should definitely mow down the lawn by stages to the original cutting depth.
  • Do not mow too deep (ideal cutting height 30 - 40 mm).
  • Take care to the sharpness of the blades and just mow when grass is dry.
  • Collect the clippings in a mowing bag.
  • If you use a mulching mower you have to mow more often. Do not mulch after September - otherwise you promote various fungal diseases.



  • Depending on weather the lawn needs about 20 - 30 liters of water per square meter a week (easy to check with a rain gauge).
  • Divide the watering to one or at most two times a week.
  • Water the lawn in the evening or in the early morning hours.
  • Do not sprinkle the lawn before mid-May and after mid-September.
  • An automatic retractable irrigation system can water your lawn optimal (please consult for advice).
    (wir beraten Sie gerne).



  • Use a long-time grass fertilizer - it gives the lawn optimal nutrition and reduce the growth of weeds and moss.
  • Generally fertilize three times per year (1x in early spring, 1x early June and 1x late August) according to the instructions on the packaging.
  • To prepare the lawn better for winter, an additional potash fertilizer is recommended in the 2nd half of September (even available at Marchfeldrasen). Refer also to our fertilizer site.



  • The grew felt should be removed at least once a year (end of March to mid-April or in September). This creates space for new growth and the susceptibility to fungal decreases.
  • De-thatching is only necessary if felt exists.
  • Do not de-thatch too deep. The blades should cut only the thatch but not the earth.
  • High quality tools can be borrowed in stores (DIY-markets, Lagerhaus) for a small fee.